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Plating on Plastic

The procedure for “Plating on Plastic” consists of a highly complex chemical and electro-chemical process, during which the components go through total immersion in numerous tanks of solution. This includes etching the surface of the mouldings, at a molecular level, to chemically deposit a conductive coating, prior to building up a layer of Copper and Nickel before the final decorative finish.

The Company is working, with our chemical suppliers, to develop new materials and processes for plating. Our onsite laboratory facility enables us to conduct tests to ensure that our customer’s products fully meet the requirements of any UK or EU directives, whilst continuing our search for new decorative finishes. We are pleased to offer this facility to our customers, polymer manufacturers and chemical suppliers to continue to develop the P.O.P process.

QPP can advise on suitable materials for each customer’s specific application and recommend our early involvement in the design process in order to ensure the optimum component design for plating.

We have the ability and skills to electroplate both high volume and “one-off” samples parts, making us one of the most flexible and adaptable electroplaters onto plastics in Europe.

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